RGW "Bismarck's Original CCW Match"


RGW "Skill Drills" CCW Match... July 21, August 18, 2024
Where: Personal Defense Center, Bismarck ND
Details: A monthly 4 skill match scored using Vicker's count method. Idea for both new and experienced shooters looking to take a step beyond simple plinking and target shooting. Emphasis is on concealed cary skills and situations..
Equipment Required: Pistol or Revolver, belt Holster, 2 magazines or 2 speed loaders, we will shoot 50 rounds or less of ammunition. Handheld light optional
Cost: $20

RGW "HANDS ON" Wednesday
NEXT SESSION = June 19, June 26th, July 10, 2024
"NEW" Time:7:00pm-8:30pm
Where: Personal Defense Center, Bismarck ND
A weekly "Hands On" coaching session dedicated to helping shooters of ALL levels improve their skills with a handgun. Novice to experienced competition shooters will benefit from personalized coaching attention.
Ammunition count with be 100-150 rounds per week.
Cost: $20