RGW Partner Shooting Challenge and Match...(video link) Sunday April 23rd 2023

RGW Pick Up Gun Challenge and Match... Sunday May 21st 2023

RGW Man vs Man Street Fighter Challenge Match... Sunday June 25th 2023

Time:4:30 ... reserve your spot (via email)
Where: Personal Defense Center, Bismarck ND
Details: A monthly 4 skill match format workshop for both new and experienced concealed carriers.
-Each month we focus on a set of skills that are specific to a particular situation
-Home Invasion
-Injured Shooter
-Shooting in Crowded Areas
-Picking up a firearm at the scene
-And many others
This is coaching backed by over 30 years of concealed carry and military experience.
Individuals are exposed to knowledge and skills that have been learned the hard way.
Attendees will leave each workshop with a plan to improve their skills
Equipment Required: Pistol or Revolver, belt Holster, 2 magazines or 2 speed loaders, we will shoot 50 rounds or less of ammunition. Handheld light optional
Cost: $20