A Series of Bi-Weekly Organized and Coached, Dryfire
Practice Sessions for All Skill Levels

(We will track your progress from session to session)

Topics Include: Safety, Drawing from a Holster, Reloading, Dealing with Malfunctions, and Setting Goals

Taught by a Master IDPA Shooter, U.S. East Coast Regional IDPA

Champion, State Rapid-Fire Rifle Champion, and Rangemaster Top Gun Award Recipient

Course Title: RGW Shoot Better
Date: Tuesday March 30, April 13, April 27, May 11, May 25
Time: 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Where: Personal Defense Center, Airport Road (behind Jay's Pawn)
in Bismarck, ND
Cost: $20 per Tuesday 
Limited to 10 people per session. RSVP via email to reserve your spot.

RGW Concealed Carry Workshop Schedule 2020-2021

When: Sunday May 23th
Time:4:30 ... reserve your spot (via email)
Where: Personal Defense Center, Bismarck ND
Details: A monthly 4 skill workshop for both new and experienced individuals who have chosen to make a firearm part of their daily safety plan. This is coaching based and taught by an individual with over 30 years of concealed carry and firearms instruction experience. Individuals will be exposed to areas of knowledge and skill sets that may be overlooked without a mentor to guide them. Attendees will leave each workshop with a gauge of their skills and a plan to improve their skills.
Equipment Required: Pistol or Revolver, belt Holster, 2 magazines or 2 speed loaders, we will shoot 30 rounds or less of ammunition. Handheld light optional
Cost: $20